The work was professionally done, in a timely fashion. The Computer Aided Design (CAD) program that the provider used was fantastic. It provided the ability to rotate views, see how the construction would overlay with the first floor layout. No problems with having our wishes incorporated into the plans. Creative ideas on how to segregate the second floor to reduce HVAC costs were excellent.
Description of work:
Prepared blue prints for major renovation. Too accomplish this he did a site visit, prepared layout of existing first and second floor and then drafted plans for the second floor renovation. The work was done timely and accurately. In order to accomplish our requirements/needs, he met with us several times. Final redrafting of modifications to the plans were done ‘real time’ in his office. The plans were accepted by the Town Building Department without changes or comments and a building permit was issued within a week. The plans were distributed to several contractors for bid responses. None of the contractors had any material questions regarding the plans or specifications for work and materials included in the plans.
Fred & Betsy Pollert Southhold, NY

Mark Michaels is a true professional and detail oriented architect. You will welcome his friendly warm kind personality. He will be sure to help bring your vision to light through his drawings. We are happy with his attention to detail and the outcome of our two story extension and bath. This is our second time working with Mark and are currently adding on a bedroom extension. Our experience and outcome have been wonderful.
Frank & Pamela Andriani Port Jefferson, NY

We are very pleased with the progress. Mark is very thorough and reliable. We trust his experience after he redesigned our kitchen. Mark Michaels measured our bathroom space and suggested a redesign to not only remodel it but add more room for a larger shower. He gave us blueprints and a list of components for us too pick out, He did a superb job.
Sidney & Carol Strickland Old Field, NY

Mark designed 3,600 square feet off medical space for our pediatric practice.
Mark was highly professional, patient and extremely thorough. Our staff continued to give us ideas and feedback well into the project and Mark was able to use this information to come up with the perfect space o suit our needs. We are now open for business and the feedback from patients and staff has been all positive. Thanks Mark we love it!!
Milestones Pediatrics Oakland, NJ

I met with Mark once to review what I wanted in my new garage, doors/windows/electric, etc. The second meeting he had my plans with a virtual rendition. I made one or two minor changes and got my plans on the third visit. After I selected my contractor and the Town needed an additional calculation, Mark turned it around in 24 hours and I was on my way to getting my building permit. The contractor didn’t have any problems reviewing the plans. He felt everything was in order. I don’t anticipate any problems with the construction related to the plans. Mark was easy to work with, he was thorough, he made suggestions. Mark turned all this around for me very quickly both times. Back in Jan/Feb when we first met and I got the plans, and then again in May when the Town required some additional information. No extra charge. Thanks, Mark!
Description of work:
Mark drew up plans for new construction for a garage back in January/February 2016. By the time I selected my contractor and brought the plans, with my variance, to the Town for my building permit it was May.
The Town then required an additional calculation which Mark turned around in 24 hours and now I have my building permit!
Susan Lehecka Holbrook, NY

Description of work:
Architectural design for addition of new foyer, master bedroom with bath, full basement and decking.
I came across Mark Michaels and Great Designs by doing a Google search for Stony Brook Architects. I viewed his website and looked at the work he had done for other clients. I was impressed so I contacted him via email with my details and received a phone call back from him later that same day. We discussed how my wife and I had recently purchased this house and wanted to make some changes to it. The house is on a nice parcel of land with water views and beautiful sunsets, however it is quite unique and a bit eclectic. The house also posed zoning difficulties as it is situated against the back of an oddly shaped lot. Our objective was to add a first floor master bedroom and bath without losing any of the existing water views.
My wife and I met with Mark and showed him the house. He shared his initial thoughts and observations and we agreed to take the next step. Mark prepared a proposal for his services which we thought were quite reasonable. We agreed to move forward.
Mark made several visits too the house, took measurements and made notes. He even video taped the house. The house has two levels but the layout is one of a kind. There are many nooks, odd shaped rooms and changing elevations. Mark took all this information and somehow entered it perfectly into his architectural software. He then used these tools to illustrate how the planned addition would look and its impact on the entire home. We were able to do a virtual tour of the inside and outside of the proposed structure. We quickly became comfortable with the design and moved to the next stage.
Mark prepared extensive building documents which we used to get contractor bids. I also was able to walk into the building department and leave with a building permit on the first visit. Wee hired a contractor and the project progressed smoothly. Mark made frequent visits to the site and really took ownership of his work. Several of the tradesmen commented to me how impressed they were with his passion for the project, his attention to detail and the integrity of his design.
Well, as of this writing the project is well on its way to completion. It has been a positive experience.. My wife and I highly recommend you give Great Designs a look.
Vincent & Anne Bilms Stony Brook, NY

"Mark provided us with architectural plans for an entirely new kitchen. It was an extensive remodel that required the removal of three walls, one of which was a supporting wall, the removal and relocation of a powder room, and the recreation of a walk-in pantry.

Mark did a wonderful job. He spent a good deal of time at our home surveying the space and listening to our wish list. He then timely provided us with a few different design ideas, after which we went to his office to discuss and provide comments. Mark made all of the changes we wanted and walked through all of our options. He was also wonderful at being the interface with both our cabinet manufacturers and our town office. We needed extensive permits and Mark communicated directly with the town and quickly made any changes to the plans that were necessary. We had previously heard horror stories about dealing with the town for permitting, but Mark handled that process completely. Our kitchen is almost complete, and we are very happy with the outcome. We would highly recommend Mark- not only does he pay great attention to detail and listen to his clients, but he is also extremely well priced, fair and honest."

Kenny & Jennifer Marines
Port Washington, NY

"We hired Mr. Michaels to be our architect for an upcoming extension on our home. He was so knowlegable, professional and informative throughout the entire process! Mr. Michaels captured our "vision" for our home with precision and class. He patiently walked us through each step of the renovation and continued to stay involved throughout the building process.

Mr. Michaels is a talented architect, who was an absolute pleasure to work with! He quickly became our trusted advisor who helped us make our "dream" home into a reality. Mr. Michaels was a constant positive presence who took a genuine interest in the overall outcome of our project. His guidance, honesty and advice were very much appreciated throughout our time together. Our home is BEAUTIFUL because of Mr. Michaels' talent!!!"

Steven & Janine Scheuermann
Miller Place, NY

"Mark Michaels was the architect on our expansion and renovation project. He conceived the form of the addition to our kitchen and the interior of two rooms that were reconfigured. He provided blueprints for the contractor to use, which included detailed drawings of electrical and plumbing installations. His 3-D program to preview how the final product would look makes choosing between various possibilities easy and helpful.

Mark was very thorough, conscientious, prompt, and responsible in all our interactions. After the blueprints were turned over to the contractor, he stopped by to see how everything was progressing. His suggestions were very useful and his ideas helpful. I was completely satisfied with his performance and would definitely use his services again. I highly recommend him as an architect."

Sidney & Carol Strickland
Old Field, NY

Architectural plans for major home renovation and expansion with extensive design planning of interior and exterior of home.

"I give this firm my highest recommendation. We have done a complete renovation of an older home and Mr. Michaels from Great Designs was there every step of the way. From the original thought process, to architectural plans to design choices to the actual buildout, Mr. Michaels went above and beyond. His vision for our home was exceptional. Looking at the final product, you would never know an addition was made. He blended the roof lines seamlessly. The interior is amazing and has been put in design magazines. He was able to blend high end details with the low key vibe of our neighborhood and create an amazing space. He is incredibly detail oriented. Easy to work with, patient and available. You will not go wrong with this firm."

Steven & Kathryn Puopolo
Stony Brook, NY

Designed a kitchen and eating area. Provided drawings, specs and engineering- had to remove bearing wall to create open concept.

"Was a pleasure to work with. Uses 3-D modelling to allow us to easily understand his plan."

Visited site to verify work was done correctly.

"I have used him in the past to design a media room/library, with the same results."

Steven & Phyllis Ross
Belle Terre, NY

"Mark Michaels provided us with architectural plans for our home. He walked us through the process of building our home from scratch. His professionalism and knowledge guided us through the process while paying close attention to detail. Mark Michaels was extremely helpful with providing us with necessary add ons that we had missed while designing our home such as a two car garage, having a central vacuum system as well as other minor details. We were very pleased with his services.

We could not have had a better architect than Mark Michaels. Mark was vey knowledgeable in our town's requirements and provided me with step by step directions on how to apply for the permit before starting the work. During the 8 months that it took to have our houe built, Mark has kept in touch, asking for pictures and has shown a true interest in how everything was turning out. He was easy to get in touch with and was committed to finishing our job in a timely fashion as well as making sure we were happy along the way. I have and will continue to recommend Mark to anyone that is building a house. He will make sure you are happy and will build you exactly what you are looking for and more!"

Marc & Mary Kate Candelaria
East Northport, NY

"He provided architectural design for the renovation of our vacation home.

Mark is fantastic, a true professional with many years of knowledge and experience. He gave us great guidance with recommendations on the new design. He also guided us in the right direction to come up with some budgeting resources.

He took just enough time to meet with us and review house design and plans and was able to show his depiction of the renovation in 3D format."

Joseph & Colleen LoBruto
Shelter Island, NY

"Mark drew up architectural plans for a total renovation of a house for us. We are house flippers and bought a house that has not been renovated since the 40's. Mark spent HOURS at the house taking every little measure as well as video, he quickly drew up plans for us to review and then worked with our ideas and added his own as well. He came up with some great ideas to add closet space without affecting any of the living space. He was reasonable, quick, and a pleasure to work with. We will be contacting him in the future for any of our other projects that may need his services."

David Zwaik
Babylon, NY

"We have worked with Mark at Great Designs many times over the last 15 years. He designed our home, and later designed two addition/renovations as our family grew. Recently, he completed a major renovation plan for another project we're about to embark on.

It's a pleasure to work with Mark- he has a great sense of our personal style and vision, he works quickly and efficiently, and his designs are beautiful and comprehensive without exceeding our project budget. In his renovation/addition plans, Mark has a great talent for creating a fluid design of old and new that looks and functions in a seamless and natural way."

Rob & Suzanne Wilitus
Water Mill & Shelter Island, NY

"Mark Michaels has designed 5 projects for me dating back to 1987. Each time I worked with Mr. Michaels, I felt like I had my own personal architect. He was there for me all the time responding to my questions and concerns almost immediately and trying to be as helpful as possible in every instance. I was especially impressed with the 3D imaging that Mr. Michaels did for me as I was able to see a 3D color image of the finished project before it was even started. This is a first class firm which I highly recommend to anyone looking for high quality detail oriented design."

Alexander J Covey MD

July 12, 2010

"Mark Michaels is, for us, the best architect. In 2007 we were in the process of a major addition/renovation of a 1962 house we bought and we had consulted several architects from Suffolk and Nassau counties. Mark, who came highly recommended from a colleague in the area, was number 6 in our pursuit of the ideal architect. For us the ideal architect was the one who possessed expertise, talent, experience and above all was able to work with us to come up with the design we had imagined for our house. Mark exceeded our expectations. By using a state-of-the-art 3D computer program, Mark was able to design what we consider the most beautiful house we have ever lived in. We were able to see in 3D the interior of the house, with furniture in place, as well as the exterior and make changes, lots of changes, before the construction even started.

In addition to the design Mark assisted us with the permit and supervised the 12 month construction. His knowledge far surpassed the boundaries of architecture and we are grateful that he was able to help our builder with structural changes of the existing house. Mark was very resourceful with subcontractors as well recommending people in Suffolk, Nassau and New York City.

Overall, Mark Michaels is a very talented architect, experienced, hard working, tireless, and very personable. We were very fortunate to have him as our architect and we recommend him highly."

Drs. Basil and Anastasia Rigas

"The house is just beautiful! If you haven't seen it you should!

Sue & Nick Ferraro

"Dear Mark,

The house is almost completed and we are very pleased and excited......
We hope you have had a chance to see the house as we know you would be very pleased.

Thank you. It was a pleasure working with you"

"Mark, I am really in love with the plans and appreciate all the work you put in on my house"

The photograph and text below was published in House Magazine. It shows the kitchen of our Stony Brook project.

Click Here To View a Larger Image

A Beautiful Kitchen by Great Designs, Inc.

Architect Mark Michaels of Great Designs in Setauket worked with Lakeville Kitchen & Bath designer Darren Press to create a new kitchen in Stony Brook that fulfilled the owners desire. They wanted a kitchen that was classic, simple and timeless.

The owners also needed a functional kitchen that could handle the needs of three young children. As the kitchen was being built by Rich Nowak of Nowak Allied Contractors in Miller Place, the island and cabinets were designed and built with lots of storage space that would always keep the kitchen looking fresh.

It was decided to use the design element of color to establish a strong, yet subtle visual impression that would never grow tired. Simple white cabinetry with subtle detailing was the beginning. A brown hardwood floor was selected to provide a visual contrast that would always be striking.

A more subtle use of color contrast was used on the island countertop, the cabinet countertops and the walls under the cabinets. This "fade to white" design worked as follows: the medium gray island countertop fades to a lighter gray cabinet countertop which fades to a pale gray/almost white tile on the walls under the cabinets. The marble tiles on the walls replicate the design of the tiled walls in the subway…a subtle design element the owners wanted.

This Stony Brook kitchen was designed to stand the test of time. The owners wanted a kitchen that they would love as much in 15 years as the day it was completed. Lakeville Kitchen & Bath used the design element of color to create a new kitchen that will look fresh and new for years to come.
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